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Why VinoApp Now?

Argentine wine has grown in so many dimensions in recent years. Countries around the world have demands for our products and it is our responsibility to provide them with information available at their fingertips. VinoApp es is a project that was formed out of a demand by foreigners who have a love of wine. More particularly by one wine love, Todd Bone who for many years felt like he didn´t have enough information to be able to wisely choose labels that would be within his preferences and that a major part of his purchases was influenced by the salesperson on duty. So, he set out to create a digital archive about Argentine wine, classified and organized in order to really promote them worldwide.


Todd Bone


He lives in Atlanta, USA, but has family in Argentina and a home in Buenos Aires. He is the founder of
Technology businesses including a coveted .com enterprise that supported multi-million-dollar e-commerce portals as well as providing Internet Marketing to companies such as Time Warner. He is currently an executive for 2 companies based out of Buenos Aires for over 8 years. Todd is on the board of associates for the IT industry in the USA and was president of the Atlanta Entrepreneurs Organization.

Joaquin Alberdi


He is one of the most influential names when it comes to sales of Argentine wines. His dedication from a young age made him a well-known chef in Buenos Aires which allowed him to also work in some of the best kitchens in Europe. For the last 20 years, he has dedicated his time to the wine industry, building a wine store that has the best and largest variety of labels of Argentine wines and his intention is to share all his knowledge with every kind of wine consumer. He is always jovial. 


Pablo Santos


Jorge Bourdieu

Head Sommelier & Technical Director

Nicolás Orsini

Nicolás Orsini

Content Producer

Zahir Palanpur

CEO Azul Arc International

Crystal Parker

Associate Product Manager

Felipe Cuartas

Director, UI & Creative

Dinesh Muthukrishnan

Sr. UI Developer

Asad Khan

Jr. Software Developer

Roma Kamble

Software Tester


Ángel Ramos

Freelance Writer

Francisco Rivero Segura

Freelance Writer & Maps Guru

Pablo Ponce

Freelance Writer

Pablo Tasso

Pablo Tasso

Freelance writer

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VinoApp is meant to be a plural project, being more than the sum of the parts. We LOVE to get in touch with people who want to write about Argentine wine and let them right in VinoApp Now

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