Ángel Ramos

Ángel Ramos

Freelance Writer

In the summers, as a child, I went all over a small vineyard of white grapes in Patagonia (Río Negro), with my grandfather and my uncle. I saw them elaborating homemade wine using an old press. All memories that kept alive the flame of the interest that made me devour all the texts related to wine that fell into my hands. I felt included among the “serfs of the wine” named by Miguel Brascó in his column in La Nacion magazine. Almost without realizing it, I became an oenophile. I enjoy wine, I taste it, I research and I relate to the people of the world of wine. I tweet and I write a blog called “El Angel del Vino” (the angel of wine) where I reflect these experiences: I spread the word about Argentinian wine and I stand up for it.



Argentine White Wine Revolution
Grapes, I say, Trends

Argentine White Wine, a recent revolution.

Argentina is more than the house of pretty Malbecs. It is delivering an impressive range of white wines that can successfully compete in the leading wine consuming markets.

Ángel Ramos October 30, 2019

Cabernet Franc harvest time window
Grapes, Trends

Cabernet Franc, one of the upcoming stars in Argentina.

More about this growing trend in Argentina: genetic facts, tasting notes, top ranking, key winemaking decisions and the role of pyrazines.

Ángel Ramos September 9, 2019

Criolla vine, from PolOpuesto.

The new wines of Criolla grapes

An X-Ray of this autochthonous variety that is living a resurgence during the last few years.

Ángel Ramos March 26, 2019

Malbec, on its way to the bottle.

5 Myths of Malbec

Each subject has its myths, and malbec is no exception.



Ángel Ramos February 21, 2019

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