Tasting Highlights: Karim Mussi Wines, 2019

We have tasted and rated his wines and, once again, the results are amazing. Check it out!


Karim Mussi, at La Cava de Karim Mussi

Karim Mussi, at La Cava de Karim Mussi

Karim Mussi is one of the growing winemakers from Mendoza. This is the third vintage we have tasted and rated from his collection and what always stands out is his portfolio’s regularity and quality: all the wines are high-end.

His original project is called Altocedro, which is a small winery down in La Consulta (San Carlos, Mendoza). From there, he produces some of the most acclaimed red wines of the zone. He says that that zone is a wine-producing paradise.

Some years ago, he added two projects to Altocedro that together form “Karim Mussi Wines” as a brand umbrella:

  • Altocedro – Wines from La Consulta, Mendoza.
  • Abras – Wines from Cafayate, Salta.
  • Alandes – Wines along the Andes.

These are the three highlights of this vintage tasting.


Alandes Paradoux White Blend

Alandes Paradoux White Blend

1) Alandes, Paradoux Blend 3éme Édition, Non Vintage.
One of the Best White Wines in Argentina today.

And they say there is no big deal about Argentine white wine… Taste it and do yourself a favour! Karim realised this Bordeaux style blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc a few years ago. This is the 3rd ‘edition’ (since it is non-vintage) of this Paradoux and we believe it is among the best white wines of Argentina.

Paradoux White Blend 3rd Edition Tasting Notes

Paradoux White Blend 3rd Edition Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes:

Greenish-yellow of low intensity and good cleanliness. Very interesting and intense, owner of great complexity. Aromas of mushrooms, butter, malt, pastries, rue, asparagus, banana, mango, pineapple, honey, grapefruit, lemon, nuts, vanilla, orange blossom and hyacinth flower. Smooth and sweet entrance with a sensational acidity though. Full-bodied of great structure and elegance. Long finish with all the aromatic complexity found in the nose. Outstanding.

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Altocedro, Fincas Los Galos

Altocedro, Fincas Los Galos

2) Altocedro, Finca Los Galos Petit Verdot, 2017
One of the best Petit Verdot in Argentina (if not the best)

The “Fincas” tier is formed by “Los Tanos” (Altamira), “Los Turcos” (El Cepillo), “Los Gallegos” (Chacón) and “Los Galos” (La Cañada). Each of these names is his tribute to the immigrants who forged the wine industry in Mendoza.

To give some background, Petit Verdot is a variety commonly used for blends in Argentina; however, it is difficult to find standalone wines from this grape because of its nerve, rusticity and wildness. Well… he definitely has tamed it, and we guess that La Consulta has something to do with that.


Fincas Los Galos, 2017 - Tasting Notes

Fincas Los Galos, 2017 – Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes:

It shows a bright ruby red of medium intensity. Complex and expressive. Denotes olives, blackberries, grass, black tea, paprika, eucalyptus, coffee, cocoa, ginger, lime, geranium, cigar box and incense. Elegant and subtle, balanced at each stage. Acidity and alcohol in fair balance. Very gentle tannins. Long balsamic finish with notes of eucalyptus and mint. Surprisingly silky and drinkable.


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Altocedro Pinot Noir

Altocedro Pinot Noir

3) Altocedro Año Cero, Pinot Noir, 2018
One of the best value Pinot Noir in Argentina.

Mussi produces this crazy value Pinot Noir from La Consulta, Mendoza. This wine is greedy, slightly sweet, ripe red fruit, dried flowers, very lactic, some undergrowth, but overall, very pleasant. Not the worldwide classic pinot, but modern and surprising. And you can get it for around 12 dollars. What a deal!


Altocedro Pinot Noir - Tasting Note

Altocedro Pinot Noir – Tasting Note

Tasting Notes:

Clear, red garnet colour with ruby hues and low layer. Direct on the nose with a lactic profile of good expressiveness. Notes of strawberry yoghurt, cream, ripe berries, fruit pie, blue flowers, mushrooms and vanilla. Its attack is sweet, light creamy pace. Very smooth tannins. Medium finish without edges


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This was written by VinoApps´s team as a whole.

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