Top Winery Restaurantes In Mendoza – Part 2

A new list of winery restaurants in Mendoza that you cannot miss. Check them out!

Food and wine.

Food and wine.

Since, there are new upscale winery restaurants discovered in Mendoza everyday, we decided to expand on our previous list of winery restaurants and share a few other hidden gems.


Finca Agostino

Finca Agostino

1) Finca Agostino

This winery is in Barrancas, Maipú. They have their own restaurant decorated in an elegant and modern style which offers an authentic food experience through their chefs Pablo and Carlos Torres, who work with local products. All the fruits and vegetables come from our own garden situated in the same estate. A unique attribute about them is that they do not have any printed menus and the chefs themselves visit every table and tell people about what’s being served. Moreover, the dishes don’t have a specific name because they focus on the ingredients they use to describe each course. A highlight to remark is that you can take private classes with the chefs. The class starts in the organic garden, where you gather the vegetables and fruits you will need.  The class also includes bread elaboration, empanadas and other typical dishes from Argentina. Currently, you can choose either a five-course menu or a three-course menu, with vegetarian and vegan alternatives. All of them are paired with their wines. Fun fact: if you haven’t tried all their labels during lunch, you can complete the tasting right after for free in the visitors’ room.

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Abrasado, by Los Toneles Winery

Abrasado, by Los Toneles Winery

2) Restaurant Abrasado, in Winery Los Toneles

This restaurant belongs to an urban winery so it is five minutes away from the capital of the province of Mendoza. This makes it a great alternative for wine tourism visitors that don’t have much time for long-distance travel. One of their most remarkable offerings is the aged meat. They age the meat in a way that improves the taste, color, tenderness and texture. This method consists of keeping the best cuts of beef for 30 to 100 days in a specific refrigeration system that generates a microclimate: the temperature is from 1°C to 3°C, the humidity varies from 50% to 70% and the airflow is controlled. Their chef is Lucas Rivera who works on every detail of a three-course menu called “Pampa Argentina”, a six-course menu called “Rodeo Abrasado” and an option for kids, “Menu ternerito” (The little calf). To get a feel of a winery restaurant which is not far from the capital, this is your best choice!

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Kaiken Sunset Experience. PH El Podio Mendoza

Kaiken Sunset Experience. PH El Podio Mendoza

 3) Winery Kaiken

The winery is in Vistalba, a district in Lujan de Cuyo, around 9.3 miles from Mendoza city. They offer lunch and you can visit the vineyards and the winery for free. They have two very interesting gastronomic options. The first is a picnic in the middle of the vineyards. It includes cold cuts and cheese platter (for two) and a variety of wines by the glass whose prices depend on the line you choose. The second option is a more traditional one. The starter consists of delicious Empanadas Criollas and spectacular Papas bravas (spicy potatoes). The main course is Pollo al disco (Chicken á la disk). Finally, the dessert is a homemade flan (crème caramel) with dulce de leche. This one is not to be missed if you want a break from the city life and spend some time amidst a beautiful winery!

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Osadia, by Susana Balbo Wines

Osadía, by Susana Balbo Wines

4) Osadía de Crear by Susana Balbo Wines

Chef Hernan Gipponi is in charge of this restaurant (Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo). They offer two options: three-course menu (KM 0) and a five-course menu (Argentina de la Cordillera al Mar or Argentina from the mountains to the sea), which consist of different concepts paired with wines from the winery. The menu in specific is centered on a dish composed of regional and Argentinean products in season, it is also inspired by the landscape and nature that surrounds the winery. For a group of six people or more, they offer a full Asado, cold cuts and cheese platter, empanadas, sausages, offal, first-class roasted veal cuts and side dishes like Papas al plomo (roasted stuffed potatoes), Escavilada (smoky grilled vegetables) and green salads. Additionally, guests can choose from other note-worthy experiences such as tastings, learning about winemaking or cooking. On the other hand, children can enjoy the fresh air while playing on the ground at the winery. To summarize everything, this is a one-stop restaurant for all ages and activities!

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El Patio, by Tempus Alba

El Patio, by Tempus Alba

5) Patio Tempus in Winery Tempus Alba

The restaurant is in Maipu, next to the winery Tempus Alba and is surrounded by vineyards. They offer two options: from Monday to Friday an à la carte and a menu paired with wines. At weekends, they only have a paired menu. The à la carte menu is perfect for those who prefer a light starter, fresh dishes or just a sandwich (which I personally believe is a wise choice because it’s a very Argentinean option). On the other hand, the five-course menu is ideal for those who have more time and who are willing to try different pairings. This is why they set 3 alternatives with different wines: Reserve Pairing, Grand Reserve Pairing, and the Vero Pairing. They include options for vegetarians and celiac. This one is a catch if you are a foodie and love to try different things!

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Pan Y Oliva, by Santa Julia

Pan Y Oliva, by Santa Julia- PH:

6) Pan & Oliva (Bread & Olive) in Santa Julia Winery

This peculiar place located in Finca Maipo, in the Winery Santa Julia, is surrounded by organic vineyards, an olive oil factory and a great organic garden where they plant the ingredients used in their gastronomy. Their dishes consist of appetizers, pasta, salad and fresh products of simple elaboration, with fruits and vegetables in season. The olive oil stands is undoubtedly the hero ingredient. The architecture and landscapes of this restaurant are admirable for those who love an artistic vibe.

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Please, contact us if you want us to add your favourite winery restaurant to our list!



Pablo Ponce


Winemaker graduated at Don Bosco school, wine communicator and editor of the blog

He used to work, from 2005 to 2013, in different wineries in Mendoza, participating in the technical area of elaboration, microbiology, fractionation and quality control. Some of them are La Rural, Familia Zuccardi, Escorihuela Gascón and Finca La Celia. In parallel, since 2010, he began his career as wine communicator. In 2012 he created his blog “The Big Wine Theory” and since then he has collaborated with several digital channels.
He currently works as Wine Communicator of Bodega Gimenez Riili and is responsible for the content management for social networks of Santa Julia Winery, Cassone Family Winery, Benegas Winery, Clos de Chacras Winery, Compuertas Negras Winery, Arpex Argentina and Wine Institute (where he also works as a teacher).


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